Indore Development Authority to construct senior citizen complex for enhanced elderly living

Indore Development Authority to construct senior citizen complex for enhanced elderly living

With an estimated cost of Rs. 16 crore, the IDA is building a senior citizen complex for elderly individuals, which will be fitted with facilities.

The Indore Development Authority (IDA) is set to construct a Senior Citizen Complex specifically designed for elderly individuals living alone. Here, elderly individuals who do not have their family's company will be able to reside comfortably in splendid flats.

The estimated construction cost for this project is Rs. 16 crore. The construction for the same has already commenced, and it is expected to be completed by the end of this year.

A modern haven for elderly Individuals by IDA

According to reports, the space is being built on a 20,000 square feet area in Scheme 134, near Star Square. It will feature 32 flats, including 12 one-BHK and 20 two-BHK flats. The complex will consist of two floors, including a basement and a ground floor.

The complex will provide various amenities to cater to the needs of the elderly residents. These include non-slip floors, a physiotherapy room, yoga classes, and a modern kitchen. A healthcare assistance room will also be available along with a 24-hour ambulance service. Additionally, the complex will have eight shops and a supermarket for convenience. The basement will offer parking space for 32 cars.

It will also feature a multi-purpose hall for entertainment. The administration and management of the Senior Citizen Complex will be entrusted to responsible organizations to ensure the well-being of the residents and to address their needs.

A unique aspect of this Senior Citizen Complex is that it allows elderly couples to reside together. For young individuals who go abroad for work or business, their elderly parents can be accommodated in this complex. It will provide a sense of support, ensuring that the geriatric residents can lead a comfortable life.

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