IDA to take up construction of major roads & residential buildings; gets T&CP's nod

IDA to take up construction of major roads & residential buildings; gets T&CP's nod

Town & Country Planning Department approves TPS-1, TSP-3, TSP-5 & TSP-8 development scheme

Town & Country Planning Department (T&CP) has approved Indore Development Authority’s (IDA) 4 town planning schemes, namely TSP-1, TSP-3, TSP-5 and TSP-8. IDA announced to work on 5 such development schemes earlier in March. According to news reports, the high court has put a stay on TSP-4 while the layouts, designs and maps for the remaining four schemes have been approved.

Developments to be done under a budget of ₹1,750 crores

As per the officials, the authority has cleared about 700 claims and objections related to the five proposed schemes TSP schemes. The developments will be brought out at an estimated cost of ₹1,750 crores. Despite a stay on TSP-4, the other four schemes will be taken forward as planned. According to the plan, 29 kilometres of new roads will be developed in the city. Plans for the five schemes are listed below.

  • In Khajrana, 49.079 hectares of land will be developed on a budget of ₹145.73 crores under TSP-1.

  • Under TSP-3, 143.382 hectares will be developed in Lasudia Mori, Arandiya, Talawali Chanda, and Mayakhedi at an estimated cost of ₹335.5 crores.

  • A total of 159.544 hectares of land will be dedicated to residential plots and a master road in Kandia under TSP-5. This plan will be developed at a cost of ₹346.96 crores.

  • Under TSP-8, 301.842 hectares of land will be developed in the areas of Arandiya village, Bhangya, Bhawrasala, Kailodhala, Kumedi, Shakarkhedi, Sudiyamori and Talawali Chanda. The budget set aside for this scheme is ₹706.67 crores.

  • Once TSP-4 is approved, residential areas and roads will be developed on 85.387 hectares of land on a budget of ₹215.83 crores.

Apart from these development projects, IDA will also develop a six-lane bridge at Khajrana Square, a six-lane flyover at Luv Kush Square among 9 potential flyovers to help the city’s traffic. Recently, the authority has also acquired farmland from 13 individuals around the Super Corridor Square for the development of residential areas. These projects are expected to create employment opportunities for local labourers and give a boost to city infrastructure.

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