Indore gears up to bag the “Swacchh” title for the third time

Indore gears up to bag the “Swacchh” title for the third time

While rest of the country is paying no heed to the worsening pollution issue- be it land, air or water- Indore is busy composting and sprucing up its streets for the “Swachh” title one more time!

Indore has already won the ‘Cleanest City’ title twice and is now preparing to nab it for the third time and prove to the world that living clean and healthy is a possibility.

इंदौर नगर पालिक निगम ने स्वच्छता के लिए हर संभव प्रयास किये। डोर-2-डोर कचरा संग्रहण, पृथक्करण एवं उनके निपटान की...

Posted by Swachh Indore on Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Indore, the industrial capital of Madhya Pradesh is also the cleanest city in India. The passion Indori people have for cleanliness and the cleanliness drive can only be understood after knowing about the steps they have taken to live their entire lives in a clean way.

Indore gears up to bag the “Swacchh” title for the third time

Over 40,000 houses in Indore have started composting, the Indore Municipal Corporation is working day and night to make people aware about segregating their waste, recycling and living a sustainable life. The government is running campaigns, investing in expensive advertisements for awareness and sending trucks to collect garbage from every household. The walls, fly-overs and old buildings are being painted over with murals, public toilets are being beautified and common people have voluntarily taken to the streets to help the government and authorities in changing the face of their city.

Indore gears up to bag the “Swacchh” title for the third time

It is very seldom seen that people, government and authorities come together collectively as a community and decide to focus on a shared goal, but the swachh inspection has made it a reality in Indore. It is this sheer focus that made it possible for the city to get rid of 11 lakh ton of garbage that was dumped on the trenching grounds and completely change it into a place of beauty. And the best part? The dry plastic waste is going to be used to produce 3-4 thousand liters of diesel every day starting 20th January.

What a commendable approach to cleanliness.

Let’s hope that Indore wins the ‘Swachh’ title once again and continues to work towards the goal of living a clean and sustainable life.

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