Indore's pride, Sudipti Hajela in the gold-winning Dressage squad at the Asia Games 2023

Indore's pride, Sudipti Hajela in the gold-winning Dressage squad at the Asia Games 2023

The Asian Games 2023 which kicked off on Sep 23 and are set to continue till Oct 3 are being organized in Hangzhou, China.

Amid the anticipation of upcoming events at the ongoing Asian Games in Hangzhou, China, the Indian Dressage Squad has achieved a historic feat by securing a gold medal in an international tournament after 41 years.

The victorious team, comprised of accomplished equestrians Anush, Hriday, Divyakriti and the promising 20-year-old talent from Indore, Sudipti, emerged triumphant with an impressive score of 209.205%, solidifying their first-place position. They outperformed the Chinese team, which secured the second position with a score of 204.882%.

India's 2nd victory in Dressage event after 1986

Over time, equestrian sports have received relatively little attention and support, with a scarcity of government-run institutes offering professional training in this discipline. Additionally, the last time equestrian sports made a noteworthy contribution to India's Asian Games performance was in 1986 when the team secured a bronze medal in dressage.

This unexpected and remarkable victory has since garnered widespread acclaim both nationally and internationally. Equestrians are now being lauded for their outstanding achievement, bringing well-deserved recognition to this often-overlooked sport.

India's victory in dressage to encourage more players to take part in equestrian sports

Most notably, Sudipti Hajela's exceptional performance has brought immense pride to the state of Madhya Pradesh. Her passion for horseback riding ignited at a very young age of 7 years, prompting her to embark on a journey of professional training at a prestigious Bhopal-based private club.

Remarkably, she secured her inaugural national medal at the tender age of 10, marking the beginning of her remarkable career. Now, with her triumphant victory in the Asian Games, Sudipti's achievements are poised to serve as a powerful source of inspiration, encouraging others to venture into various equestrian sports.

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