Indore Metro to become a reality by 2023; here are all the details

Indore Metro to become a reality by 2023; here are all the details

Listen up Indoris! We’ve got some great news for you. If you were wondering just when the city would get it’s own metro rail system, you’re in for some luck. By the year 2023, Indore metro will become a reality and we can’t be more excited. The deadline was only recently announced and the countdown begins.

Indore is already one of the fastest developing cities of the country and this news has got us pumped up. As of now, one phase of the metro has been proposed. The proposed route is the first phase of the Indore metro project and it should become operational by the year 2023. This route of the metro, the metro line- III will consist of a 31-kilometer route and it will cover prominent areas in the city.

Indore Metro to become a reality by 2023; here are all the details

Like intra rail systems in the other cities, the Indore metro will come as one of the best developments for the city. The metro will make commutes much easier for residents living in all parts of the city and will also make for a more future proof city. At its core, the goal is to put Indore on the metro map and bring it on par with cities such as Lucknow, Delhi, Mumbai and other such fast developing cities.

We all know the toll that something like construction of a full fledged metro system will take on the city and its residents. To keep the disruptions at a minimum, the authorities have planned to execute the construction in a way that daily city activities are not hindered. Owing to this, six stations will be built underground, while the others will be overhead tracks. Speaking on the development, Siddharth a Vijay Nagar resident said, “Metro in Indore will boost connectivity and will develop new opportunities for localities.” Another resident of Indore, Sakshi said, “Indore’s public transport system is already really good because of BRTS system and metro will only add to the city’s charm.”

As of now, 6 corridors of the metro have been proposed but the first one will be functional by 2023 and construction of the same will begin shortly. As for the funding, officials have stated that there is no shortage and work will begin in full swing.

We feel that this is one of the best developments that we have heard of in a while. The metro will not only come as a boon for residents of the city, but for tourists and visitors to the city as well.