Indore Metro to commence trail run of new Gandhinagar metro by September

Indore Metro to commence trail run of new Gandhinagar metro by September

Metro tracks will be laid down in Indore from next month

With only nine months left for trial, the Indore Metro is quickly nearing completion. The authorities plan to start laying a new five kilometer metro rail track from the Super Corridor next month, with a target of beginning a trial run on the track using a three coach metro train by September 2023. The project has been contracted to the French company Alstrom.

A three coach metro train will run on trial within 9 months 

According to officials, the first phase of the project has already commenced. Further, from January end, 2023, a Kolkata based company will start the process of laying down tracks. Construction of pillars for the first phase of the metro, covering a distance of approximately 17.5 kilometers, has been completed and will be followed by the laying of cement on the tracks.

Following the track construction, a metro train of three coaches will arrive in Indore by the beginning of July. The number of coaches in the train will be increased depending on the response of the trial runs.

Depot to come up in Gandhinagar for maintenance

A special depot for storage and maintenance of train coaches will be assembled in Gandhinagar. Reportedly, this will also be the only station along the corridor with three tracks, one to arrive at the depot and two for regular passing of metro trains. 

In order to manage traffic during construction, preparations have been made to close the main road of the super corridor.

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