36 health centres in Indore awarded for quality health services under Kayakalp Scheme

36 health centres in Indore awarded for quality health services under Kayakalp Scheme

Urban CHC, Banganga health facility awarded the first price worth ₹10,00,000

About 36 health facilities in the Indore district got awarded under the centre's Kayakalp Scheme. The award has been presented for meeting high-quality standards while providing health services and maintaining cleanliness. With this achievement, Indore is on the way to creating a new record in providing quality healthcare services. The Kayakalp award scheme was launched by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and is run by the National Health Mission (NHM).

Winning establishments awarded with cash prizes

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The 36 healthcare facilities include 18 Urban Health Centres (UHCs), 11 Sub-Health Centres (SHC) and Wellness Centres (WC), 6 Primary Health Centres (PHC) and 1 Civil Hospital. Eight of the top winners were also given cash prizes while the remaining 28 received commendation awards.

Health Centre

Prize Amount

Urban CHC, Banganga


UPHC, Azad Nagar


PHC, Kshipra


Health and Wellness Centre, Kalaria


UPHC, Subhash Nagar


HWC Bisnavada


HWC Dharmapuri


HWC Budibarlal


Nomination procedure under the Kayakalp scheme

Under Kayakalp, the nominated institutions have to go through inspections at various levels, the satisfaction of service, cleanliness, biomedical waste performance, infection prevention, and a positive environment. The evaluation of the nominated institution takes place at three levels, first the institution enrols itself and submits its claim, after that the evaluation takes place at the district and state levels. Institutions securing more than 70% marks at each level are further nominated for the award.

The initiative aims at inculcating a culture of ongoing assessment and peer review of performance related to hygiene, sanitation and infection control. With the help of the incentivization and recognition model, the public healthcare facilities show exemplary performance in adhering to standard protocols of cleanliness, infection control and sanitation. The move also aims at creating and sharing sustainable practices related to improving cleanliness in public health facilities which lead to positive health outcomes.

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