Air pollution sensors to be set up at 19 locations in Indore

Air pollution sensors to be set up at 19 locations in Indore

The project will be a part of the ongoing clean air initiative of the Indore Municipal Corporation

In order to assess the levels of air pollution in different parts of the city, the Indore Municipal Corporation is going to install air pollution sensors at 19 traffic junctions. The IMC has teamed up with the traffic police and the pollution control board under the smart city initiative for this project. The sensors will enable real-time air monitoring, which will help in measuring the effectiveness of the measures being taken to curb air pollution.

Sensors to allow real-time measurements in different parts of Indore

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The sensors, each of which costs less than ₹1 lakh, are used to measure particulate matter mass (PM) in dense and high temporal resolution measurements. They will allow for real-time monitoring of ambient air quality. The IMC has planned for the sensors to be set up at Satya sai Square, Vijay nagar square, LIG Square, Palasia Square, Geeta Bhawan Square, White Church square, Tantya Mama Square, Indraprasth square, High court square, Regal Square, Mari Mata Square, Lantern square, Tower Square, Radisson Square, Mhow Naka square, Footi Kothi Square, Navlakha square, Bada Ganpati and Rajmohalla Squares. Apart from these nineteen junctions, eleven other locations in the city will also have sensors. In this way, targeted measurements can be carried out at specific junctions, and then measures can be implemented to reduce air pollution reduction at that particular junction. The procurement and installation of the sensors will begin soon.

15-day public awareness campaign to be launched

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The IMC will be collaborating with the traffic police and various public and self-help groups for a 15-day awareness campaign about fuel conservation and reducing air pollution at select junctions and squares in Indore. As part of the campaign, motorists will be advised to turn off their vehicles when waiting at traffic signals.

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