Air Traffic Control to get a new tower at Indore Airport!

Air Traffic Control to get a new tower at Indore Airport!

The ten-floor building will ensure secure flights takeoff & landing and safer skies

The Devi Ahilyabai Holkar Airport in Indore will soon have a new Air Traffic Control (ATC) tower complex. This planned building would be 10-floors and 31 meters high. It will offer better visibility of the terminal, the runway and the flights to the authorities. The project, which will cost around ₹87 crores, is a part of the Airport Authority of India's (AAI's) efforts to increase aircraft carrying capacity at the Airport as the passenger rush increases.

New tower to increase flight safety

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The new complex will dramatically enhance the safety of the incoming and outgoing flights at the Airport. The current ATC complex, in comparison, is just 5 stories high and offers much lesser visibility than its successor. The new tower will be built on the other side of the runway so that a second runway can be made in place of the old building in the future if the need arises.

Construction work to start soon

The ATC complex had been proposed two years ago but was delayed due to the pandemic. Currently, the AAI has sanctioned the funds for the construction, and the airport authorities are awaiting a response from the Union minister of environment and forests for the mandatory environment clearance. Preparations for construction will start once the clearance is received. As per the schedule, the work will begin in 2022 and be completed by 2023.

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