Asia's largest Bio-CNG plant to be inaugurated soon in Indore

Asia's largest Bio-CNG plant to be inaugurated soon in Indore

It is also the country's first waste to bio-CNG gas production plant

Asia's largest biomethanation plant has successfully been set up in Indore and is now ready for operation. The plant has been built at a cost of ₹150 crores and can generate 18 thousand litres of Bio-CNG gas per day. As a by-product of the process, 100 tonnes of manure will also be produced. Located on the Devguradia Trenching Ground at the hill of Devguradia, the plant will be inaugurated soon.

The city will reap multiple benefits from the plant

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The CNG produced from the plant will be used as fuel to run city buses and other small vehicles. The manure produced as a result of the process will help increase the fertiliser capacity of the district's farmers. Additionally, 500 TDP of the organic municipal waste will be processed at the plant and utilised for fuel generation, greatly reducing the city's waste output. Finally, the municipal corporation will be selling 50% of the city compost and CNG produced, and getting a ₹1.5 crore premium from the plant. This revenue will help further increase Indore's municipal budget.

The plant will be the pride of Indore

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Once the plant becomes operational, Indore will become the first Indian city, where buses are run from the garbage collected from the city itself. This will make it a herald for sustainable development in India. After having already been the cleanest city for 5 years in a row, Indore will now set more examples in sustainable development through the new biomethanation plant.

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