This road in Indore has been declared 'Covisafe' to encourage vaccination & create awareness

This road in Indore has been declared 'Covisafe' to encourage vaccination & create awareness

The 800 meter long 'Covisafe road' has a testing centre and a drive-in vaccination facility.

While India is relying on the vaccination defence strategy against the COVID pandemic, several states here have adopted varied means to promote inoculation and induce pandemic awareness among people. On these lines, a busy road in Madhya Pradesh's Indore was declared a 'Covisafe road', an official said on Wednesday. This is set to catch eyeballs, pique interest, propel COVID awareness and encourage the overall vaccination drive, summed reports.

Indore's novel COVID awareness approach

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The State Water Resouces Minister named the road from Lantern Chouraha to Janjeerwala Chouraha in Indore as a 'Covisafe road' to augment vaccination coverage here. Officials have highlighted that this 800 meters long avenue has a drive-in COVID vaccination centre and a testing and sample collection facility. Apart from this, the authorities have also established a special centre along this route to quell the queries of people about the pandemic.

The model of the 'Covisafe road' has been developed by the district administration police in collaboration with the Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC), the Indian Medical Association (IMA) and other organisations. This novel design ensures the availability of all COVID-19 related centres along a single stretch, facilitating ease of services for the public.

As per reports, residents of the area and employees working in commercial establishments on either side of the road will take an oath to follow the protocols for the prevention of COVID-19 infection. This would bolster the drive and ensure that all eligible persons are inoculated, an official added.

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