10 special centres set up across Indore for focused vaccination of pregnant women!

10 special centres set up across Indore for focused vaccination of pregnant women!

These sites have been established at medical centres and hospitals where regular care is provided to pregnant women.

In a bid to boost the vaccination program in the city, the authorities in Indore have started a focused drive for pregnant women. Under this initiative, a total of 10 inoculation centres have been set up in Indore. While 5 of these shall cater to the residents in the rural areas, the other five shall aid in the immunisation of urban dwellers. Notably, these sites have been established at medical centres and hospitals where regular care and treatment are provided to pregnant women.

Special drives for pregnant women to be conducted on Tuesdays & Fridays

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As per the information given by Dr Tarun Gupta, Fridays and Tuesdays have been reserved for the inoculation of pregnant women. These women will be provided with the benefit of on-spot registrations for the administration of jab. Additionally, it has been informed that the vaccination of people from other categories will be conducted on the remaining 4 weekdays.

The authorities are making sure that the drives on the two days cater to pregnant women only. Due to some defects on the online platform, people from other groups booked the slot and arrived at the centre. Despite the registration, the officials denied vaccination to such individuals and they were asked to reschedule their approintment. A number of citizens reported such experiences at the inoculation site and now, they are waiting for their turn.

More than 29.74 lakh vaccine doses given to citizens in Indore

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Due to the streamlined efforts of the medical and administrative authorities, a total of 29,74,296 doses of the COVID vaccine jab have been given to residents in Indore. As per records, 24,14,631 individuals have received the first dose while 5,92,076 citizens are completely inoculated in the city. The immunity booster program is being led by 226 government centres and 11 private centres.

-With inputs from ANI

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