On this World Environment Day, here's a look at the 'green' undertakings by IIM Indore!

On this World Environment Day, here's a look at the 'green' undertakings by IIM Indore!

From November 2020 to March 2021, IIM Indore has achieved an average saving rate of 11.8% due to renewable energy

In a strong green step, Indore's premium management school has turned towards the provision of renewable sources of energy to cut down its electricity consumptions. From November 2020 to March 2021, IIM Indore has installed rooftop solar panels atop its old auditorium, administrative block, five student dormitories, mess and academic block, successfully packing an average of 11.8% saving rate in the last 6 months. This has emboldened the institute's socially conscious and environmentally-sound approach further, promoting the concept of sustainable growth.

IIM Indore aims to be a net-zero energy campus soon!

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About 4600 square meters of rooftop solar panels help IIM Indore generate a significant load of energy to effectively cut down its electricity consumption. Various buildings across the 193-acre campus now house these alternative electricity generators, that progress the institute's ambition of becoming a net-zero energy campus in the future. This means that the total amount of energy utilised here annually will be equal to the amount of energy generated by on-premise alternate renewable means.

IIM Director, Professor Himanshu Rai, has shared the institute's vision to uphold green, clean, safe and hygienic methods to remain contextually relevant in the modern world. Manifesting the Indore clean city identity, the IIM here is a plastic-free zone with all staffers use copper bottles in their offices. The institute further banks on a no-kitchen policy to utilise its domestic waste to manufacture manure on the campus. All waste is segregated into organic and non-organic bins placed at every block, which in turn help to keep the campus neat.

Other provisions of energy conservation at IIM Indore

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Besides electricity and biofuels, IIM Indore also has provisions for rainwater harvesting which replenishes resources for gardening and cleaning. Last year only, water faucets were installed to save the consumption of water. While the project has been limited to two student messes, for now, the institute aims to install the faucets in every tap. Once arranged completely, it will help to conserve up to 2-2.5 lakh litres of water in a day, almost half of its present daily consumption.

IIM Indore also has a dedicated Horticulture Cell, Sanjeevni, which has proved its mettle in being an effective alternative aid. The department produces herbs and medicines which are provided to the patients from the nearby hospitals. In addition to this, IIM's newly constructed Zen Garden and Spiritual Garden hold a panchtatva track also grow several medicinal and aromatic herbs. This theoretically cuts down dependency on chemically manufactured drugs.

The centre is also a haven for over 35 dogs who take shelter here. The IIM ensures their proper feeding and health along with initiatives for their adoption.

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