IIM Indore to equip MP Police with essential skills

IIM Indore to equip MP Police with essential skills

IIM Indore will conduct a survey of around 10,000 constables & then prepare the training programme based on their actual needs.

In yet another venture of the IIM--Indore and Madhya Pradesh Police memorandum union, the premier institute has decided to conduct special training programmes for police constables. As per reports, this regimen will be custom made as per the needs of the cops and will equip them with essential skills such as self, stress and time-management. The programme will strengthen the overall law and order framework in the state by enabling the personnel to tackle complex situations, effectively.

Employing the IIM expertise to improve operations of MP Police

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The Indian Institute of Management, Indore and the Madhya Police Department inked an MoU in January 2020 to apply the IIM expertise into the police framework. As such, various studies, programmes and training camps have been lined up for the law-enforcement cell here under the umbrella of the collaboration. Since the challenges faced by the police have only amplified with the outbreak of COVID-19 and the need to keep the public in check, the custom training programme will be an asset to bolster order here.

As per reports, the IIM Indore will conduct an assessment before the actual training programme to identify the needs, shortcomings of the present system. For this, around 10,000 constables will be surveyed and the learnings of this will be used to stitch solutions for the police. An online test will also be held and certification will be provided to eligible candidates. In all, the programme is pegged to benefit around 75,000 police officials of the state police department.

Professor Himanshu Rai, the IIM Director who is also leading a study regarding beat policing here has pointed out that his finding suggests an excessive level of mental stress on the police personnel. Keeping their nature of work in mind, it is essential to create methods and systems by relevant training programmes to promote effective operations. The IIM will thus train cop groups in crowd control negotiation and communication, he added.

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