IIM Indore to provide nutritious meal packets daily to COVID patients & police personnel

IIM Indore to provide nutritious meal packets daily to COVID patients & police personnel

An alumni group from IIM Indore has also developed a coherent network to match plasma donors with respective recipients.

Keeping up with its tradition to execute socially beneficial initiatives, IIM Indore is involved in multiple projects to aid the troubled citizens through the ongoing pandemic. As per reports, the B-school has announced its decision to provide 200 lunch and 200 dinner packs every day to the COVID patients in the nearby hospitals and police personnel in Indore. In addition to this, the alumni of the institution have developed a coherent network to match plasma donors with respective recipients.

A move to provide sufficient good quality meals to COVID patients

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The food distribution scheme will be implemented under the institutional social responsibility of IIM Indore. Reportedly, the lunch and dinner packets will be provided to the patients in the medical centres of surrounding areas and the police officials of the two stations, that lie in that zone.

According to reports, IIM Indore Director Prof Himanshu Rai, asserted that the institute has always been committed to creating a positive impact by helping the debilitated and the deprived. Through this latest initiative, the institution hopes to provide sufficient good quality meals to COVID patients who are away from their families and express a token of thanks to the police officials.

'NeedPlasma', an initiative by IIM Indore alumni helps 525 people

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As per reports, an alumni group of 15 individuals from IIM Indore have been successful in matching nearly 525 needy COVID patients with plasma donors through their project called NeedPlasma. Operational on a volunteer-based model, NeedPlasma started in June 2020 and it has grown to a strength of 500 individuals today.

Founded by Prashant Saini, a student of IPM Batch of 2018, this group takes the help of micro-influencers and motivates COVID recovered people to donate plasma for the benefit of active patients. While the organisation has strengthened its efforts, the lagging count of donors obstructs the process of getting continuous benefits. Therefore, it is repetitively requesting COVID survivors to come forward and donate plasma so that a large number of lives can be saved. If you are somebody who recovered from COVID recently, please get yourself registered here.

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