IMC launches Swatantrata Senaniyo ko Swachh Naman, a campaign to maintain freedom fighters’ statues

IMC launches Swatantrata Senaniyo ko Swachh Naman, a campaign to maintain freedom fighters’ statues

IMC officials have also asked for public participation, for successful execution of this campaign!

Indore is adorned with numerous freedom fighter idols at various crossroads and parks. As a homage to these national heroes and with a vision to once again top the Swachhata Survekshan, 2022, Indore Municipal Corporation has now started maintenance work on these statues. Under the ambit of the Swatantrata Senaniyo ko Swachh Naman initiative, IMC will be beautifying and maintaining these statues, the work for which has already begun in several localities, informed the Superintendent Engineer.

Civilians called for participation

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No campaign or initiative can be completed successfully without participation from the public. Keeping this in mind, IMC officials have shared that the initiative calls for NGO's and citizens to give a hand and do their bit. Public participation is mandatory in the maintenance of these statues as much as it is to keep the surroundings clean, stated IMC officials.

Officials have also been given the task to inform people about the history and struggle of our freedom fighters while at work. Active participation from citizens is expected to stimulate a sense of belonging and responsibility. In addition to that, this step will further make people more aware of the freedom fighters.

Reportedly, there are a total of 45 places, which also includes roundabouts and parks, where the statues have been installed. By carrying out this maintenance and beautification work on these statues work through the Swatantra Senaniyo ko Swacch Naman initiative, IMC will score 160 marks in the Swachhata Survekshan. This will help Indore keep its streak of being the cleanest city for the sixth time in a row.

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