New rail line project between Indore and Gadawara kickstarts after a 5-year-long hiatus

New rail line project between Indore and Gadawara kickstarts after a 5-year-long hiatus

The 205-km-long rail line will bring Jabalpur, Bhopal and Indore closer

The Indore Budhni Gadarwara Rail Line dream project finally inches closer to realisation with the Centre's nod. Initially proposed in 2016-2017, this agenda is presently in the land-acquisition stage and work is expected to start soon. Reportedly, the Union has further released funds for the accession of 1500 hectares of land to expedite the project pace. Pegged at a budget of ₹7,500 crores, the rail line will witness the establishment of 18 big and small stations along the charted route, benefitting lakhs of people.

Faster & convenient travel for all

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The Indore Budni Gadarwara rail line will extend for up to 205 kilometres, closing a distance of around 60 kilometres between Jabalpur, Bhopal and Indore. As per reports, this Western Central Railway project will also foster a convenient means of faster travel between Indore and South India, while linking the districts of Udaipur, Shahganj, Budhni.

According to the project layout, around 18 stations will be built between Indore and Gadarwara to ensure thorough connectivity. Notably, the track will shoulder both, passenger and express services to cater to smooth and frequent travel for all passengers. The express-superfast trains will halt at 6 major stations, while passenger trains will make stops on all stations. Meanwhile, around 27 bridges and 116 minor bridges will be installed here to complete the project.

The locals have accepted the new project with open arms for the rail line promises to bring better connectivity even in the backward areas of the state. The recommissioning of the project after the 5-year-hiatus has filled the people will excitement, added reports. Soon, those living in isolated and remote regions of the state will be able to travel to major cities without any hassle, by availing the advantages of the improved network.

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