Ahead of the expected 'third wave', 22 more oxygen plants to become functional in Indore

Ahead of the expected 'third wave', 22 more oxygen plants to become functional in Indore

About 26 oxygen plants have already been set up in Indore & the remaining 22 will be ready in the next 15 days.

The Madhya Pradesh Disaster Management Advisory Committee has set the ball rolling for the establishment of 48 oxygen plants across public and private hospitals in Indore. This rampant infrastructure boot has been channeled in view of the expected rise of the 'third wave' of the coronavirus pandemic. As per reports, 26 out of the 48 O2 generation units have already been set up in Indore, while the remaining 22 will be provisioned in the next 15 days.

Boosting Indore's oxygen generation potential

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In a bid to ensure an adequate supply of medical grade oxygen during the anticipatory 'third wave' of coronavirus, the state administration has decided to set up and start the remaining oxygen plants in the city hospitals. Besides, district authorities are also looking into the arrangements for setting up industrial oxygen units here.

This provision is being prepared as a backup supply for clinical demands. If need be, about 40 to 50 metric tonnes of industrial oxygen can be diverted to hospitals across Indore, read reports.

During the second wave of coronavirus, Indore's demand for liquid medical oxygen soared to 135 metric tonnes, a member of the State Disaster Management Advisory Committee informed. As such, avenues of oxygen production are being cultured here for an eased and adequate supply during a surge. The oxygen produced in Indore will not only be sufficient to meet its demand but also the requirements of other districts in the state.

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