Indore achieves 2.23 lakh vaccine coverage on Monday, the highest single-day tally in India

Indore achieves 2.23 lakh vaccine coverage on Monday, the highest single-day tally in India

After cleanliness, Indore scales to no.1 position in COVID vaccination.

In a milestone achievement, Indore has logged its name as the first district in India to administer about 2.23 lakh COVID vaccines in a single day. With 665 active inoculation sites on Monday, Indore conducted a successful dynamic immunity drive, rising to the first position in vaccination, just like its lauded cleanliness model.

Reportedly, this rapid scale of anti-virus jab administration was noted to be a state phenomenon. Madhya Pradesh too, emerged as the largest inoculator among all states and UTs in India with over 16 lakh jabs.

Vaccination coverage zooms across Indore & MP

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Clocking the highest-ever inoculation tally in just 24 hours, Indore and its state, Madhya Pradesh, have come forward as the flagbearers of effective and rapid vaccination in the country. Leading the vaccination drive from the foreground, the state and its district have made a statement of proficiency, in the present-day pandemic situation.

Figures suggest that MP, singlehandedly inoculated over three folds of Delhi's achievement on June 21. This tally was also noted to be over twice the number of jabs given in Uttar Pradesh - the most populous state of the country.

As per statistics, Indore and Bhopal crossed over the count of 1.37 lakh doses while Ujjain's tally loomed over the 1 lakh mark. Gwalior, Jabalpur, Dhar other two districts reported over 50,000 vaccinations each.

MP's bolstered vaccination potential

Reportedly, Madhya Pradesh had devised a special 'janbhagidari model' to achieve a target of 10 lakh vaccinations, the Chief Minister informed. Around 8,000 vaccination centres were set up, across MP under this banner, to roll out this mega exercise.

To conquer over the '10-lakh jab' ambition, two operators were stationed at each vaccination centre while the staff was given special training. With multiple preparations, Indore's potential could accommodate extra beneficiaries and thus, 5 lakh surplus jabs were facilitated by the Union, the CM added.

Culturing a positive outlook for the COVID jab

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Post this, the state worked on a remote interaction programme to request public cooperation and encourage people to get the vaccine dose. Here community and committee leaders were roped in as influencers to move the masses. In Indore, a special well-equipped control room was set up at the AICTSL office, to keep tabs on the Monday drive and dissolve bottlenecks, if any.

Besides, the vaccination campaign was supported by giving away various gifts to the beneficiaries, in a bid to encourage the idea of inoculation among all. These gifts ranged from bus tickets to registrations. For this, the health division has roped in the Prime Route Bus Owners Association to provide free one-time journey tickets to passengers, who have been vaccinated at the Navlakh Bus Stand vaccination centre in Indore.

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