AICTE internship programme to open new opportunities for Indore degree students

AICTE internship programme to open new opportunities for Indore degree students

More than 50,000 students in Indore to get internship opportunities at government offices & PSUs.

As per the new National Education Policy 2020, college students enrolled in professional and technical courses will have a chance to work at public offices and PSUs on a designated stipend. Move under the authority of the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), this provision will open new opportunities for degree students in management, engineering, pharmacy and architecture programmes, even before the completion of their respective courses. Earlier, candidates were only permitted to intern at private or multi-national companies.

AICTE internship programme, Phase 1: Indore

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Notably, the move comes after the Union altered the Internship and Campus placement policy, by including PSUs under the list of companies eligible for placement drives. The move will be officially rolled out in Indore first, and then implemented at the pan India level.

In the initial phase, the AICTE internship programme will benefit over 50 thousand students studying in over 49 engineering, 54 management and 30 pharmacy colleges here. Though the programme is for all degree students, enrolled in the aforementioned technical programmes, first-year student applications are not eligible. According to the official website, the internships will be organised in slots, stretching from one to six months.

Primary Focus on skill development

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The AICTE internship programme aims to expose technical students to a professional environment, which cannot be simulated in the classroom. The main rationale is to promote skill development among students to create industry experts in the long run. The programme focuses on providing possible opportunities to learn, understand and sharpen the hands-on competency, required for the job.

To progress this plan, the centre has created a dedicated AICTE portal to ease out the registration process. Eligible students can find internship slots here by simply filling in their details and selecting their preferred location and department. The portal will generate a category wise index of different departments and PSUs, in Indore, MP and other states to help the candidate get all information regarding internships and employment openings.

Bridging the gap between students & administration

The move will also cater to the need of overburdened government departments, by reducing the shortage of employees. The provision will further drive the techno-savvy youth to the public departments, considerably reducing the revenue spent on outsourcing these resources. The step, thereby, will be a cornerstone is uplifting and upgrading public office systems and the face of the administration.

As far as students are concerned, they will get a chance to directly integrate themselves into the admin system, develop and improve technical skills and build on technical assets for the future.

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