Experts credit herd immunity for decreased COVID cases in Indore

Experts credit herd immunity for decreased COVID cases in Indore

About 95% COVID-19 infected people in Indore took basic treatment at home and recovered.

Indore is witnessing a dip in the number of daily COVID cases for a few days now and as per experts, it can be credited to the herd immunity here. Health officials strongly believe that an increased population have developed resistance against the Omicron strain of the virus, after infection. Doctors shared that about 95% of all who tested positive were quarantined in their homes. With lessr new hosts, the virulence is now dipping.

A number of patients recover in home isolation

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Doctors continued to share that there must be thousands who did not get tested at all and treated themselves at their homes. This was primarily because the Omicron symptoms were pretty much the same as influenza. As such, recovery was abundant and speedy even with basic self-treatment.

Only cases with co-morbid conditions complained about breathing issues and were admitted to hospitals. This is the only segment that is facing difficulties in recovering. HoD, Chest and TB department MGM, Dr Salil Bhargava reportedly said that the fatality trends are not as worrisome in the third wave since lung involvement is much lesser than the second wave.

Strong healing trend in motion

As per the divisional COVID-19 bulletin released on Friday, 14 districts in Indore and Ujjain divisions reported a total of 967 cases. Reportedly, this is the first time in 2022 that cumulative tallies in these districts have dipped below the 1000-mark. This strong recovery trend, coupled with herd immunity, is now expected to lower the pandemic threat and return normalcy to the Indore district and division soon.

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