School students in Indore to spread awareness about second jab among parents!

School students in Indore to spread awareness about second jab among parents!

Students of classes 1 to 12 will conduct the awareness drive in the city, read reports.

In yet another move to encourage people to get the second dose of the COVID vaccine, the Indore District Administration and Health Department have decided to rope in school students. The idea behind this initiative is to directly reach out to pupils' parents and motivate them to get fully vaccinated against the pandemic. As per reports, students of classes 1 to 12 will be included in the intensive social programme.

School-level competitions to back student awareness drive

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Indore district administration, health department and school education department conducted two sessional meetings at Rabindra Natya Griha on Tuesday to discuss the engagement of private schools in the COVID vaccination drives. This step has been undertaken to further the city governance ambition to ensure 100% vaccine coverage in Indore, read reports.

As per official records, around 1100 schools principals, including heads of government schools, attended the meeting to suggest innovative plans to accelerate the drive. Schools can hold a number of competitions and campaigns independently to make sure that students are able to communicate the benefits of the vaccine to their parents.

The drafted instructions directed teachers to start online classroom sessions by educating students about the upsides and necessity of the coronavirus vaccination. According to officials, the whole concept of this programme is exponential reach, where parents are bound to listen to their children and promptly get the final dose.

Schools will help to drive away people's inhibitions towards vaccine

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The plan of action suggests that schools will keep a record of the number of members in a student's family and the status of their vaccination. Designated forms will be issued to facilitate this. "Right education is the first step to drive away people's inhibitions towards getting the vaccination dose. Here, schools will play a crucial role, providing correct facts while encouraging all adults at the child's home to get a jab", stated a school principal who attended the meeting.

Additional collector Abhay Bedekar, Chief Health and Medical Officer Dr BS Saitya, also attended the meeting, among other officials. Health officials will guide the schools through the efforts, helping the district on a whole to beat the resurgence of a future coronavirus attack.

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