Dengue tally in Indore spikes up with 16 new cases recorded on Thursday

Dengue tally in Indore spikes up with 16 new cases recorded on Thursday

Total count of dengue infections in Indore for this year has crossed the 340 mark.

Driven by a continuous surge in new cases, Indore's cumulative dengue caseload might surpass the records of the past three years. With 16 fresh patients registered on Thursday, the total tally has touched 344 now. As per reports, this count is only 12 cases less than the 356 infections recorded in 2017 and 14 patients less than 358 victims of 2018. Raising concerns for Health Department, the high number has alarmed the officials, who are thinking about new measures to curb the surge.

City might cross the dengue-tally of the past three years

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Given the incessant rise in cases, it is estimated that the district's tally will cross the figures of the past three years in the coming days. Going by reports, a notable rise in the number of dengue cases was recorded since the beginning of August. Thereafter, the caseload continued to expand in September due to the heavy downpours witnessed in the city.

Aedes Aegypti, the female mosquito which acts as a vector of the infection breeds in spaces with stagnant water and the monsoons often lead to an increase in such spots.

Only 4 patients in the hospitals

Out of the 18 active cases of dengue infections in the city, only 4 patients are admitted to the hospitals as of now, read reports. It has been reported that the 16 fresh cases consist of ten males, six females including five children. Further, reports state the affected colonies that have reported the infections include Musakhedi, Shramik Colony, Gulmohar colony, Roop Nagar, Royal Bungalow and surrounding areas.

-With inputs from Times Of India.

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