Indore Forest Department rolls out cancer awareness campaign in rural areas

Indore Forest Department rolls out cancer awareness campaign in rural areas

Villagers & Forest Department staff to be advised on the threat of cancer, this World Cancer Day

On the occasion of World Cancer Day, the Forest Department of Indore has taken the responsibility to educate its rural population about cancer. Starting today, February 4, the mass awareness campaign aims to reach out to about 700-800 people at a time. Notably, this initiative has been moved is to prevent cancer by talking about the ill effects of smoking, a common activity in the daily lives of villagers, tribals and forest officials.

Highlights of the cancer awareness campaign

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This is the first in Madhya Pradesh that the Forest Department has rolled out a strategic awareness campaign to keep a check on the rising number of cancer cases here. The following key highlights will serve as a roadmap to make the initiative a success.
  • Campaign to hold 100 seminars in 16 districts of Indore, Ujjain and Khandwa circles.
  • Remote villagers to be connected to the campaign online, range officers and deputy rangers will be responsible to facilitate the same.
  • Employees and officials from all division offices will be connected on a big screen during the seminars.
  • Forest Department staff, forest villagers, and Joint Forest committees will be targeted.
  • The seminars will cover topics of cancer detection, treatment, symptoms and prevention.

Cancer, a risk to both human & animal lives

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Additional State Director of the National Health Mission, Saloni Sidana pointed out that cancer is more commonly reported in non-tribal rural areas of MP. She continued to share that about 30 lakh people over the age of thirty years were screened for cancer in December. As per the data collected, Hoshangabad, Raisen and Seoni districts have the highest number of cancer cases in the state.

HS Mohanta, Cheif Conservator of Forests, shared that excessive smoke from people smoking beedis and cigarettes in these areas is causing the development of squamous cell carcinomas in the mouths of cats. Apart from this, the feline leukaemia virus is also causing cancer in cats.

It is very common for villagers and even forest warriors to indulge in tobacco beedis, which are one of the major causes of cancer. About 70% of India's population lives in rural areas and this only increases the risk of cancer in the country, impacting the general health rate index. The initiative envisions to lower the rate of this undesirable smoking among people and promote good health for all.

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