Indore markets to shut at 9 PM ahead of Holi to repress the COVID-19 surge in Madhya Pradesh

Indore markets to shut at 9 PM ahead of Holi to repress the COVID-19 surge in Madhya Pradesh

Here's the news in detail-

The Crisis Management Committee in Indore on Thursday announced that all city markets will be closed at 9 PM, instead of the earlier 10 PM ahead of Holi. This decision has been imposed in the district to arrest the COVID-19 surge within the municipal limits, thereby reducing the total caseload in Madhya Pradesh. The order gained increased significance on Friday when Indore reported 612 fresh coronavirus cases, the highest single-day spike since the outbreak of the pandemic last year.

Indore imposes restrictions as coronavirus cases rise, yet again

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As per the order of the Crisis Management Committee, all religious places will remain shut until further order. Besides this, a guest-cap of 50 people has been imposed on weddings while only 20 people are allowed at funerals. Customers would not be permitted to dine in restaurants - takeaways have been permitted though.

An official meeting concluded that Indore will be under a lockdown every Sunday - restrictions will extend till Monday this week in view of the Holi festival. To contain the spread of coronavirus through increased contact, the Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister further announced that festivals of all religions must be celebrated at home.

MP ranks as one of the ten Indian states that are projecting an upward rise of the coronavirus infection graph as per information of the Union Health Ministry. On Friday, the state reported 2,091 - its highest tally since October 14, 2020.

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