With only 5% work completed as yet, Indore Metro project deadline gets one-year extension

With only 5% work completed as yet, Indore Metro project deadline gets one-year extension


The Indore Metro project has found itself surrounded by multiple hurdles, hampering its pace and delaying the actualization. As per reports, only 5% of the civil construction work has been completed until now while the entire task was deadlined for March 2021. As per reports, the project has been pushed by one year for the completion of the task. While similar situations hold ground in Bhopal as well, about 1/4th of the work has been completed in the state capital, despite obstacles.

Disagreements delaying development work

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The Indore Metro project stumbles to a slow reality as work stands in jeopardy over disagreements between the involved civil contractors and consultants. As per reports, the contractors have started to install pillars across the city to map the metro corridor, however, the consultants have disagreed to approve the work as they were not appraised in advance about the places where the pits were dug. According to the authorities, Indore has hard soil and their sanction was imperative before the work started.

On the other hand, the contractors claim that the consultancy agency is the cause of delay and the issue was directed for the CM's guidance. While the Chief Minister expressed his disappointment over the delay, he has issued directives to immediately resolve all hurdles that stand before the metro project work. He has also tasked the urban development department and the officials of the CM's secretariat to settle the issue so that the work may continue at a ramped-up speed.

No tenders for Metro Stations

Stuck in the whirlpool of route mapping and pillars, the Indore Metro Project has not floated any tenders for the construction of metro stations. Without the stations, the metro corridor cannot become functional. According to an estimate, it may take up to 2 years to finish the construction of stations and platforms, diminishing the window to flag off the operations by 2023 in Indore and Bhopal.

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