Installation of the remaining 10 oxygen plants in Indore may get delayed due to a supply dearth

Installation of the remaining 10 oxygen plants in Indore may get delayed due to a supply dearth

Indore presently has 32 operational PSA oxygen plants

It is expected that the installation of all 47 oxygen plants in Indore, may take longer than the proposed deadline. The district had earlier planned to complete the project by September 30, however, only 32 plants are presently operational here. While the work of about 5 other plants is underway, the remaining 10 units may not see the light of the day soon due to a difference in supply and demand, informed official authorities.

Each oxygen plant in Indore creates about 50 MT of oxygen everyday

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As several Indian cities and states strive to build an independent system of oxygen generation in view of the anticipated rush of the 'third wave' of coronavirus, Indore seems to face the brunt of a resource crunch. The District Additional Collector explained that there are only a limited number of companies that are producing oxygen plants, which are unable to meet the spiked demand across the nation. As such, work of the last 10 of the total 47 oxygen plants may get delayed, the official added.

Besides the shortage of oxygen cells, the district is also facing a resource paucity on grounds of the quantity of oxygen produced in a day. Reportedly, the 32 functioning oxygen plants in the district are producing only 50 metric tonnes of oxygen daily, as opposed to the proposed capacity of 68 metric tonnes.

Medical oxygen generations plants work on the 'pressure swing adsorption' (PSA) technology. This process absorbs nitrogen from the air and converts it into oxygen to supply to facilities. Notably, 11 such cells are stationed at government hospitals out of which only 3 are associated with MGMMC. This equips each hospital to produce up to 1,130 litres of oxygen per minute.

The need of creating a self-sustained oxygen manufacturing system

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Indore authorities had decided to constitute an independent oxygen manufacturing ecosystem to bolster resource availability during the anticipated successive coronavirus wave. A proactive measure, this move was undertaken to avert the challenges faced during the peak of the pandemic in April. As per reports, Indore was struggling to cater to a demand of 140 metric tonnes of LMO, earlier this year.

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