Indore railway station to get major interior overhaul!

Indore railway station to get major interior overhaul!

Indore is a well known city in MP and one to which people travel from far and wide. To make the advent into the city more appealing for travellers, the government is aiming to decorate the walls and floors of the railway station with several 3D murals.

Indore has already won the award for the most Swacch City in India and it doesn’t aim to give it up easily. As part of beautification of the city, Indore railway station will undergo major visual changes, making it a more pleasurable experience to merely visit the place.

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Areas within the station that will be part of the change will be the over bridges and platform entrances. They will be adorned with 3D style paintings that take a departure from the usual wall murals and will certainly attract a lot of attention from travellers.

This year, the station ranked 33rd in the clean railway station ratings index as opposed to last year’s rating coming in at the 23rd position. Additionally, the station has a daily footfall of a massive 50,000 travellers. The aim of the 3D paintings will be to help increase the cleanliness and beautification rank once again.

The subjects of the 3D paintings will be famous monuments of the city such as Rajwada Palace, Daly College, other heritage sites and railway safety related issues. With this, they hope to provide a more eye catching, immersive and informative learning experience whilst marvelling at the murals.

The beautification work will soon be put into action and during the process, entry into platform 1 will be blocked for a couple of days. This will reroute trains to other platforms of the station. According to officials, the aim is to complete the work by February 2019.

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