Domestic flyers travelling to Indore no longer require a negative COVID report

Domestic flyers travelling to Indore no longer require a negative COVID report

Travel restrictions will continue for international commuters reaching Indore.

The Airports Authority of India has revoked the compulsory need for a negative COVID report for all domestic flyers, reaching Indore. As per sources, the RT-PCR mandate was imposed only a week ago in Indore due to a typing mistake. The norms were supposedly framed for international commuters and now, will only be applicable on them as was decided earlier.

No RT-PCR test compulsion for domestic travellers

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The AAI has issued fresh instructions to scrape off the requirement of negative COVID-19 reports, tested by the RT-PCR method for all domestic flyers reaching Indore. As per previous orders, a negative test result was made compulsory for all travellers, in line with safety concerns. Along with this, the on-spot sampling and quarantine arrangements were also ensured for those travelling without the negative certificate.

However, it has now been reported that the above-listed orders were designed for international passengers and were released by mistake for domestic commuters. This led to confusion among travellers who were planning to undertake travel in August. Airport Officials have also claimed that they faced a lot of passenger queries, who inquired about the COVID report imperative while flying in and out of Indore. However, the revised guidelines not only clear the chaos but also revoke the norm for domestic passengers, informed the Indore Airport officiating director.

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