Indore to adopt a phased 'unlock' plan to relax restrictions from June 1

Indore to adopt a phased 'unlock' plan to relax restrictions from June 1

The CM had earlier announced to gradually unlock Ujjain Division from June 1.

The Indore District Collector on Friday hinted to adopt a graded unlock plan from June, to prevent an unprecedented rise in the coronavirus cases. As of now, the city is clamped under strict restrictions until May 28, where all activities, other than those deemed essential have been shut. The phased unlock will be initiated after the expiry of these curbs, read reports.

COVID unlock in Indore

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In the first phase of the unlock, all fruit and vegetable markets will be permitted to open, however, operations will be restricted until 12 noon initially. After this, the district plans to orderly relax all operations of the construction sector and wholesale trade. All retail shops will be opened next, read reports, highlighting that take-away facility will then be allowed at restaurants.

Meanwhile, areas reporting a high number of cases will be simultaneously turned into strict containment zones. At present, there are around 560 micro-containment areas in Indore along with 70 containment zones in rural areas. As per officials, increased vigil here has helped to contain the COVID-19 spread by actively reducing the rate of infection.

Reportedly, all areas which fall under containment zones, will have to adhere to strict restrictions until May 31. The fate of these regions will be determined based on the number of new and active infections here, by the end of this month.

Positivity rate recedes to 9% in Indore

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Officials have pointed out that the closure of markets and strict restrictions at containment zones have impactfully helped to expedite recovery in Indore. The ambitious unlock plan has also been devised based on these recovery trends. At present, the infection positivity rate stands at an arrested 9% in the district as opposed to the alarming 22% in April.

Authorities believe that this rate will plunge lower in the coming day if there is absolute compliance to COVID restrictions and norms. It has been figured that the majority of freshly infected citizens across the city are asymptomatic, bringing respite to the city hospitals and health teams.

Presently, Indore is nursing around 10,577 active cases, out of which around 937 were detected in the last 24 hours. Recovery was boosted by 1,735 discharges on Friday and the total tally now stands at 1,31,738 cases. With 8 deaths in the same period, Indore's toll looms at 1,294, the highest in MP.

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