Indore traders self-induce weekend market lockdown till October 15 over rising fear of Coronavirus

Indore traders self-induce weekend market lockdown till October 15 over rising fear of Coronavirus

City markets pull-down shutters by 6 PM on weekdays!

Amid the surging number of coronavirus cases in Indore, with 446 cases on Tuesday, the Trader Unions of Indore have induced a self-formulated weekend market shutdown, to arrest the case rise. City markets have unanimously decided to work five days a week and reduce the working hours, closing at 6 PM to reduce social crowding and consequent spread of the coronavirus infection.

Weekend Lockdown in Indore

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A sharp rise in the case tally was witnessed in Indore due to re-opening of the city markets as an effect of the nationwide Unlock. Owing to this dynamic upsurge, representatives of 60 traders' unions across the district had a joint meeting with the city collector, where a decision to impose the weekend lockdown was taken. These trading units have also instated the city administration with the authority to take punitive action against those not abiding by this self-induced lockdown.

This lockdown will remain in effect till October 15 for every weekend, post which, the statistics and situation will be reviewed by the collector for any further directive.

Indore is currently dealing with a total caseload of 20,383 infections, with 3,874 active cases. With 450 recoveries higher than the 446 admissions on Tuesday, the medical officials of the city have placed all potential guards against the virus. With 4 fatalities on Tuesday, the mortality count of Indore clocks at 509 deaths.

Knock Knock

The trading bodies believe that Indore has the status to influence other districts in Madhya Pradesh and this precautionary message will ripple awareness in the state. Though this decision of weekend market shut-down poses several economic implications, specially on the small and medium traders, this initiative to control the spread of the coronavirus truly deserves acknowledgement and praise.

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