Indore zoo made winter-ready with new heating arrangements for animals!

Indore zoo made winter-ready with new heating arrangements for animals!

Kamla Nehru Prani Sangrahalaya in Indore has made heating pads & warmers available for cold-blooded animals

Amid the intensifying winter wave in Indore, the city's Kamla Nehru Prani Sangrahalaya has arranged heating arrangements for in-house cold-blooded animals. The Indore zoo has made heating pads and warmers available for such animals, read reports. Notably, cold-blooded animals have exactly the same body temperature as their environment and thus, are unable to generate body heat during the cold season. Consequently, these measures will ensure comfort to these creatures and help them survive the winter spell.

Separate blankets & heating pads for reptiles

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Keeping with its name to provide a habitable environment to all animals, the Indore zoo has boosted heating provision for all cold-blooded animals here. While speaking about these animals, Indore Zoo in charge Dr. Uttam Yadav said, "Many of them chose to hibernate. We have to be extra careful while providing comfort to these animals."

Authorities have provided heating pads and separate blankets to the reptiles, Dr. Yadav highlighted. Additionally, "We cover up cages during the night to protect them from cold", he informed.

Necessary provisions boost fun at Indore Zoo

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These wellness measures have helped create agreeable conditions for all animals, making the zoo experience equally pleasant for tourists and visitors. Namrata, a tourist from Ahmedabad said, "The zoo is beautifully renovated. It is being maintained as per international standards. Cleanliness is maintained here. It is good for both animals and visitors. We saw heaters kept near the animals for keeping them warm."

Anita Mittal, a local further added to this and said, "Cleanliness is maintained. We saw many species of animals here. Our children are enjoying here. I live in Indore. It is good to see that proper arrangements have been made for keeping the animals warm in this cold weather." Tourist Vinita Agarwal from Delhi echoed the praise, stating "Indore is a well-developed city. Here, cages are kept clean. Animals are provided with heating pads. The zoo is maintained as per international standards."

- with inputs from ANI

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