Indore's most expensive overbridge to be constructed at Lavkush square

Indore's most expensive overbridge to be constructed at Lavkush square

The 23 meter high, double-decker overbridge will be constructed at Indore's Lavkush Square

Indore's Lavkush chauraha intersection, known for its heavy traffic during peak hours, is set to undergo a major upgrade with the construction of a high-end double-decker overbridge, in an effort to ease traffic congestion. The 1452m-long, 60m-wide overbridge will enhance the commute for over 2 lakh vehicles traveling along MR 10 road, the Super Corridor or Banganga to Ujjain road.

The preparations to build the new bridge have begun after a 'bhoomi pujan' ceremony held at the square. Pre-bid tenders for the bridge will be put out today, which will see the biggest construction companies from Indore and across the country participating to acquire the project that has been estimated to cost around INR 160 crore.

11 of Indore's busiest junctions to get overbridges

The project is part of Indore Development Authority's plans to construct overbridges at 11 of the city's busiest junctions in a bid to ease the flow of traffic at these locations. Bhanwar Kuan square and Khajrana square, among others, will also see these high and mighty bridges for commuters to avoid the site of cars lined up bumper to bumper.

Once the tender procedure is completed and the work order has been issured, the proposed overbridge at Lavkush Square, with 12 meter roads on either side, will take 24 months to be completed. Compared to most of the overbridges built in Indore, that usually tower up to 12 meters, the Lavkush Square double-decker, standing tall at 23 meters, will be the city's highest.

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