Less than 200 infections marked in Indore with consecutive dips for 3 days in a row!

Less than 200 infections marked in Indore with consecutive dips for 3 days in a row!

As per reports, Indore Division consisting of 8 districts witnessed less than 200 cases on Wednesday almost after two months.

Moving ahead on the road to sustained respite, Indore's infection tallies have dropped down significantly over the past two weeks. With 129 new cases and 229 recoveries recorded on Thursday, the active caseload in the city has reverted to a controlled count of 1,045 patients. Further, reports state that the Indore division, consisting of 8 different districts, logged less than 200 cases for the first time after two months on Wednesday.

Positivity rate dwindles to 0.5% in Madhya Pradesh

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After a long-drawn state of turmoil, the positivity rate in Madhya Pradesh receded to 0.5% on Wednesday. Driven by this, the graph of new detections in the state has further sloped downwards and it is expected that the case count would further contract in the upcoming days. Reportedly, the daily infection log recorded the lowest number in a stretch of three months, recently. As of now, there are 6,325 active cases in the state and the recoveries are rising every day.

Being one of the hardest-hit districts in the state, Indore's tryst with the second wave of the pandemic ushered unprecedented circumstances for the city folks. With the towering tallies and inflating count of deaths, the city marked a difficult journey through the past two months. As per the official records, 1,52,224 individuals have been affected by the viral contagion in Indore till now and 1,364 of these have lost their lives due to the disease.

Now, after the case tallies have dipped down, it is only anticipated that an accelerated spread of the virus is not revived. Here, it is important to note that COVID-appropriate behaviour at individual levels is a must to combat the contagion.

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