Indore & other MP districts to launch special vax drive for 100% COVID immunity from November 15

The Madhya Pradesh govt aims to provide COVID jab to all its citizen by the end of this year.
Indore & other MP districts to launch special vax drive for 100% COVID immunity from November 15

The state of Madhya Pradesh has geared up to achieve 100% COVID immunisation by the end of this year. In a formal notification issued on Saturday, the administration has slated the launch of a special vaccination drive across all districts to achieve the aim. As per reports, the targetted programme will take off from November 15 to ensure that all state citizens get the COVID jab by December 31.

MP resorts to increased testing & vaccination to defeat the pandemic

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A new plan of action has been formed to bolster COVID immunity across Madhya Pradesh, read reports. According to this, the state will re-establish COVID testing centres at public places, markets and railway stations among other spots to increase surveillance and immunity. Additionally, telephonic calls will be made to all those who have received their first jab to remind them about the schedule of the next dose.

The government has further decided to include schools and college students to run awareness programmes for COVID vaccination. The move is expected to encourage the pupil's parents, relatives and other known acquaintances to get the immunity jab.

Notably, a special vaccination campaign will also be launched in all districts under the scope of this initiative. This drive will be specially conducted for all those who are yet to receive the first dose of the two jabs.

The plan aims to achieve state-wide vaccination before the end of this year, read a CM order. According to official records, a total of 7,10,81,203 vaccination doses have been administered across the state, where around 2,11,46,521 have received both doses.

COVID spike in Indore & Bhopal raise concerns

The decision comes in wake of the recent coronavirus surge in Madhya Pradesh, especially in Bhopal and Indore. Reportedly, a review meeting was held in this regard on Friday where the Chief Minister directed officials to hold COVID vaccination and testing camps during all public programmes in the coming days.

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