MP launches free COVID treatment for the needy across Indore & all other districts!

MP launches free COVID treatment for the needy across Indore & all other districts!

'Chief Minister COVID Treatment Scheme' to extend free aid to the financially weak families in the state.

Madhya Pradesh has accepted to tackle the coronavirus challenge on behalf of its economically deprived people. As per reports, the state has launched the 'Chief Minister COVID Treatment Scheme' as financial aid, to provide free COVID treatment to the needy in Indore, Bhopal and all other districts. This campaign will further extend to include all people insured under the Ayushman Bharat Yojna.

COVID treatment: Benefits & Aid

In a bid to save lives amid the pandemic crisis, MP's CM on Friday, announced the enforcement of the 'Chief Minister COVID Treatment Scheme' in all the districts of the state, with urgency. The Secretary, Public Health and Family Welfare, has also has issued a letter to all collectors, chief medical and health officials, for information and implementation of the scheme.

The strategy of the COVID treatment plan here, is simple. It will offer zero-cost treatment to the economically weaker sections of the society and 'Ayushman Health Cards' will also be issued to all members of the family, who are dealing with one or more COVID patients. Benefits of the National Insurance Scheme (Auyushman Bharat Yojna) have been expanded in Madhya Pradesh, informed the Health Official and people can claim these accordingly, for coronavirus treatment in the year 2021-2022.

At present, about 299 COVID care centres, across 52 districts in Madhya Pradesh, are engaged to provide coronavirus treatment to people suffering from mild symptoms of the infections. The CMO announced that these centres have collectively opened up to 19,796 beds for the benefit of the public and all treatment here will be provided at no cost.

MP prepares for the possible 'Third Wave' attack!

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The Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh has highlighted the need to strengthen the medical infrastructure, to prepare ahead of the probable 'third wave' of COVID-19 infection. He has directed to ensure that efforts are being undertaken to increase the availability of Remdesivir injections, oxygen plants in every hospital and other supplies. He has also extended government grants to inspire private entrepreneurs to develop high yielding oxygen generating units.

The CM also announced to constitute a committee for experts that will guide the state to ramp up its infrastructure. The team will be tasked to study the potential of COVID rise in the state and will suggest what preparations and arrangements should be made for it.

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