MP Tourism launches QR based audio guides at 7 Museums

MP Tourism launches QR based audio guides at 7 Museums

The State Tourism board has released a QR- based audio guide for seven museums of the state on International Museum Day

Madhya Pradesh is popular for many tourist attractions. Boasting a rich cultural heritage and stunning topography, the centrally located state is quite popular amongst historians, archaeologists and tourists alike.

Now, the state government has made it easier for tourists to access the related information at just a click away on the Sago Buddy App, by the launch of this digital initiative on International Museum Day.

This is a new initiative of the tourism department to combine technology with history. This innovation will introduce the young generation to the rich history and culture of Madhya Pradesh.

Which Seven Museums are included in this initiative

Tourists will find interesting information about history in the State Museum and Tribal Museum of Bhopal, Lalbagh Palace of Indore, Gujri Mahal Archaeological Museum of Gwalior, Maharaj Chhatrasal Museum of Dhubela and Observatory and Triveni Museum of Ujjain.

This QR based audio guide is a new addition to the State's Tourism Board existing technology driven initiatives. This facility is already being operated by the Tourism Board with the help of Sago Organisation at Kushabhau Thackeray International Convention Centre (Mayo Hall) which has received a positive response.

These QR codes have been installed at locations where there are no guides available, without hampering the employment opportunities.

How does the QR code work

To avail services, tourists must download the Sago Buddy App. Once they reach the museums, they can scan the QR Code on their mobile phones, and get complete information about the museum through an audio guide. The App provides audio information, GPS information, QR code and image search.

This app makes the experience worthwhile as it offers various languages in the software, aligning with the passenger's needs, interests and age.

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