Night Safari at Indore's Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary to boost tourism in Madhya Pradesh

Night Safari at Indore's Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary to boost tourism in Madhya Pradesh

The night safari is now open for the general public.

In a bid to boost forest tourism in Madhya Pradesh, a night safari facility has been set up at Indore's Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary. According to reports, Tulsiram Silawat, MP's Minister of Water Resources, inaugurated the safari officially on Sunday at 10:30 PM.

Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary to become a centre of tourism

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Officials from the Indore Development Authority, Forest Department, Cultural Ministry of the state, were a part of this commencement ceremony. Reportedly, the night safari facility at the Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary will prove to be an attractive force for tourists and boost the state's tourism potential as well.

Home to more than 50 chitals, among other animals

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is home to various wildlife species like leopards, vixens, swamp deer, nilgai and more than 50 chitals. Further, plans are underway to add more animals to the sanctuary. Consequently, a special team has been appointed in 8-10 districts near Indore, to rescue animals and nurse them back to health.

After a year of travel restrictions due to COVID, this initiative is expected to increase tourist footfalls in the state. The night safari option is now open for the general public and every visitor is expected to follow the prescribed COVID guidelines, when here.

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