Rainfall in Indore breaks 39 year record, city gets flooded

Rainfall in Indore breaks 39 year record, city gets flooded

Indore faces trouble after record breaking rainfall!

Cyclonic rains pouring over the western part of Madhya Pradesh turned out to be fatal for Indore, which is currently submerged in waist-deep rain water. Marked under red alert on Friday by the Indian Meteorological Department, Indore has received over 263.4 mm rain in just 24 hours, breaking the 39 year old record of 212.6 mm of August 1981.

Indore flash floods

Roads in Indore are flooded with rain water as deep 10.3 inches due to the almost continuous, 24 hours showers. Over 100 trees have been uprooted leading to long traffic jams in the city. Pardeshipura, Bangana, and Sikandarab Colony have been identified as the worst hit areas.

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The Madhya Pradesh State Disaster Relief Force (SDRF) rescued over 300 people as floodwater forced them to perch on rooftops. The people were unable to grasp how they were flooded out of their homes in areas such as Bangana where rainwater flooding has been unheard of in years. Sluice flood gates of both Bhadbadha and Kaliasot have been opened to release excess water which rose by three feet in the Upper Lake and unprecedentedly in the Kaliasot Lake.

These heavy showers which have broken a 39 year long record have affected about 10,000 people; one fourth of which have been rescued and evacuated to safer places as well under the relief operations run by Senior district officials, the SDRF teams and municipal staffs.

Knock Knock

As the city drowns in neck deep water, the rescue teams and operations are doing their best to formulate an exit strategy for those stuck in the perilous waters. All Indoris are requested to follow all precautions issued by the state and district administration to avoid any further damage to the city or their personal safety.

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