Securing 94th spot, IIM Indore marks its maiden entry in prestigious Financial Times rankings!

Securing 94th spot, IIM Indore marks its maiden entry in prestigious Financial Times rankings!

IIM Indore scored the maximum, under overall satisfaction criteria amongst Indian B-schools that have made it to the FT rankings.

Accomplishing a significant feat, the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Indore has marked its maiden entry in the Financial Times Global MBA Ranking 2021. Securing 94th spot in the list, the elite-B school in the country has become the fourth IIM and the fifth Indian business school to make it to the coveted publication. IIM has credited to its name this prestigious honour for its flagship one-year Full-Time Residential Post Graduate Programme for Executives (EPGP).

Union Education Minister congratulates the institute on their achievement

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Reportedly, the director of IIM Indore delightedly spoke of the latest achievement, attributing the success to all departments of the educational institute. The academic program, that won the institute this glorious spot, is a comprehensive one-year in-campus residential course crafted for working professionals who aspire to uplift their proficiency in guiding and running organisations.

Union Education Minister congratulated IIM Indore with a tweet, "Congratulations IIM Indore for ranking on the FT Global MBA ranking 2021 in its debut year. #IIMIndore has received the highest score (9.23) among the 5 business schools in India in Overall Satisfaction criteria".

Tops the list of Indian B-Schools in overall satisfaction criteria

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In the category of Overall satisfaction criteria, IIM Indore topped the list of scores achieved by the five business schools that have managed to get a spot in the FT rankings. IIM Bangalore (Rank 35), IIM Calcutta (Rank 44) and IIM Ahmedabad (Rank 48) are the other IIMs that found their names in the list. The group of institutes from India was led by ISB which bagged the 23rd spot.

The institutes were judged under the three main categories of career progress, diversity and research. IIM Indore stood at rank 81 under the newly introduced assessment parameter, Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR). Additionally, PhD research and faculty, international mobility and foreign students, female students ratio, current salary prospects and the noted salary increase from the previous year were a part of the judgement criteria amongst other things.

IIM Indore, which was the first management institute in the country to start a 5-year integrated undergraduate program, is associated with organisations across 16 nations worldwide. The top-notch B-school was ranked 7th in NIRF rankings too. Now that it has made its debut in FT rankings, it aims to be a part of the top 50 business schools.

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