Soon you could catch a direct flight from Indore to Singapore and Bangkok

Soon you could catch a direct flight from Indore to Singapore and Bangkok

Last year, Indore's Devi Ahilyabai Holkar Airport became an international airport. The first international flight that took off from Indore was headed towards Dubai, and it marked a milestone in the airport's history. Now, months after the airport became an international one, there are plans to introduce two new flights.

The two new flights from Indore will take passengers to either Singapore or Bangkok. As of now, the plans are still incomplete, but this is surely a step in the right direction as the airport authorities are looking to expand their horizons beyond just the maiden flight to Dubai.

What's the update?

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To cater to Indore's growth as a tourist as well as a business hub, the airport authorities have taken this progressive step. According to a few surveys, Bangkok and Singapore are two of the most requested destinations- for both tourists and corporate travellers.

The introduction of these new flights will not only boost Indore's stance as a tourist hub, but will also open up new possibilities for business practices with foreign companies based in Singapore and Bangkok. Indore city has a lot of potential for improving the international air traffic and the authorities are banking on it this time.

According to reports, Indore is estimated to generate about 1.5 lakh passengers for international air travel. The figure includes all flyers- educational, tourists, corporate oriented and even medicinal.

For the maiden flight from Indore to Dubai, a lot of new infrastructure was required. For these two flights however, the same infrastructure can be used, along with some of the new developments that have made their way into Indore International Airport in the recent past.

Knock Knock

Though the looming coronavirus threat is delaying things, authorities are hard at work to make this dream a reality. At any rate, Indoris can expect more international travel options by the end of this year, at least.

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