MP Board cancels class 12 examinations amid pandemic fear in Indore & other districts!

MP Board cancels class 12 examinations amid pandemic fear in Indore & other districts!

The Madhya Pradesh Board might consider internal assessments to evaluate Class 12 board results.

The Madhya Pradesh Board cancelled the Class 12 state board examination across all districts, in view of the persistent scourge of the second wave of coronavirus. In a tweet, the Chief Minister announced the abrogation of the exams to ensure the physical and mental wellbeing of all pupils. He prioritised student life over their careers and pointed that the state does not want to burden the students with the exam pressure amid the threatening uncertainties of the pandemic.

MP Board cancels council assessments for Class 12 students

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Originally slated from May 1 onwards, the MP state board examinations were first postponed due to the rising spread of COVID-19 infection. The state board council had planned to announce the final decision, whether to conduct or put the examination on hold, by the first week of June. Consequently, after the cancellation of the CBSE council exams for the 12th graders, the MP Board also decided to do away with the council assessments.

The MP Board has not devised any evaluation criteria to assess the performance of class 12 students, given the erasure of the final exams. However, speculations suggest that the council might consider internal assessment marks to grade the student and declare results.

The MP Board has previously announced the internal assessment system to measure the performance of Class 10 students, whose exams were cancelled earlier. The criteria of promoting class 10 students to the next standard have been based on the pupil's performance in the half-yearly exams, pre-board exams, unit tests and other internal assessments conducted during the academic year 2020-2021.

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