Indore special: 10 Indori slangs that are so ‘bhannat’, you need to add them to your vocabulary now

Indore special: 10 Indori slangs that are so ‘bhannat’, you need to add them to your vocabulary now

People of Indore are known for many things! They are super concerned about cleanliness and hygiene, are big foodies, who can eat the weird combination of poha and jalebi for breakfast.

What the world doesn’t know about people of Indore is the fact that the slangs they use are not only fabulous but can also save you from using a lot of words. For the sake of education and saving time, here are 10 slangs from Indore that you definitely need to know.


This is how you greet your friend. It is a synonym of pal, buddy, dost. You can simply use it like: Are Bawa, kaisa hai?


That’s what you call someone who has been made into a fool. This is a casual way of telling someone that they’ve been played with. You can use it like:

Apun tera dijain bana raha tha aur tu ban bhi gaya!


Now this is the equivalent of Punjabi ‘Tota’ and the basic ‘Maal’. A little degrading though, but if you are in a girl gang and your bestie steps out of her house looking fly. You can go like: Kya kancha maal lag rahi ho be!

and she might still feel offended.


This is a term that you might have heard of. We say something or someone is ‘chaka chak’ when they seem quite cool. This is a term that can be used in reference to people as well as situations. If you like someone’s outfit you might say:

Kya chaka chak kapde pehn ke aaya hai

Or if, you like the decor of a restaurant, you can say:

Kya chaka chak restaurant sajaya hai be!


Now, this you use when you want to say something or someone or a situation seems fantastic. Say for example you saw the Avengers End Game trailer, you can say:

Be kya bhannat trailer banaya hai Avenger walo ne

Ni Yaar

This, is an expression used to portray shock or excitement. Say for example, you heard some juicy rumour about a person’s breakup, you can say:

Ni Yaar, Sahi Bolo, kiska hua breakup?

Ni-Ni Karke

This one is a little tricky. You use this slang when you want to convince someone about the stuff they have or are doing. Say, your sister wants to ditch her guitar lessons and opt for some thing else, you say:

Tereko itti mushkil se papa ne guitar dilwaya, Ni Ni Karke do mahine to class kar hi le

O Kaka

This is how you address the auto wale, rickshaw wale uncle or that creepy guy who keeps staring at you. Simply say:

O kaka aage bhi dekhlo thoda sa


When someone forces you to do something or imposes themselves on you, this is the expression you use. Let’s say someone is pushing you to like their Instagram post you can say:

Kya meko pareshan karra hai, mai jabran nhi like karra teri post


You might use this expression when you want to say that someone is wasting away their time. Let’s say your little brother is playing PUBG rather than studying for his exams, you can say:

Kya chale karra h, exam hai toh padh le na thoda

So, the next time you want to impress your Indori friends make a mental note and tell them that you too are quite cultured.