Indore zoo all set to welcome 311 new animals as Animal Exchange Program begins

Indore zoo all set to welcome 311 new animals as Animal Exchange Program begins

The month-long program will see birds, reptiles and monkey from different species coming to Indore zoo.

Tigers and lions, among other animals from the Indore zoo have been sent to Jamnagar, as part of the city's biggest animal exchange program which will run for a month. Animals that have reached Jamnagar will be kept separately before being moved into their cages, made specially for the new arrivals.

The arrival of animals from Jamnagar to Indore, on the other hand, will begin in February, when birds, monkeys, and reptiles belonging from a variety of species will be moved to the Indore zoo. In total, 311 species of animals are to be received in Indore.

Animals to be brought into Indore in a phased manner

The process of transporting animals from Jamnagar to Indore will be carried out in a phased manner, with only one species being moved at a time. The first batch of animals from Jamnagar is expected to reach Indore in the first week of February, comprising mainly of New World Monkeys and several species of birds.

According to the people in charge of Indore Zoo, preparations to bring in 311 birds and animals from Jamnagar have already commenced. Dr. Uttam Yadav, Director of Indore Zoo, also said that a masterplan has been created to build cages for the new animals, who will soon be able to call Indore their home.

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