Indore's 140-kilometer Greater Ring Road project set in motion

Indore's 140-kilometer Greater Ring Road project set in motion

The proposed 140-Kilometer Greater Ring Road project has finally received approval from the government.

Indore has been facing a growing traffic problem for a while now. To address this issue, the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) proposed to build a 140-kilometer-long Greater Ring Road. The proposal has been approved by the Central Government, and the project is expected to move ahead quickly. The Greater Ring Road will certainly make commuting easier for residents and visitors.

NHAI sets wheels in motion for Ring Road Construction

NHAI has instructed involved officials to acquire the necessary skill, manpower and land for the construction of the ring road. Consultants have already been engaged for the creation of a Detailed Project Report (DPR).

The cost for constructing the 140-kilometer long ring road is approximately Rs. 6,000 crore, with the central government contributing 25% of the total funds alongside the state government.

Greater Ring Road to link Indore's key routes

The proposed Greater Ring Road, which will start from Shipra, and end near the existing Ring Road Bypass, is approximately 139 kilometers long, and based on this, NHAI has received approval construction along a 140 kilometer stretch. The average distance from the airport to this ring road is expected to be around 25 kilometers. The road will encompass the boundaries of 79 villages as included in the current master plan.

Additionally, It will also include connections to A.B. Road, Pithampur, and Khargone Road. The road will pass through villages like Sanawadia and Badia-Kheda before reaching Shipra from Dhara Road, close to Pithampur Sector Seven. Starting from Netrip, it will move towards Shipra via Sanawadia, Badia-Kheda, and Begamkhedi.

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