Indore's Bhanwarkuan flyover work delayed till April 3

Indore's Bhanwarkuan flyover work delayed till April 3

Commencement of work delayed due to IDA's appeal in court to divert traffic from the construction site to the BRTS.

Commuters might have to wait a bit longer to commute on the new Bhanwarkuan flyover, as its construction has been delayed. The work has been delayed till April 3 because the court is yet to give the final verdict on the appeal to divert traffic to Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS) from routes on which construction work will be done. The court will hear IDA's appeal again on April 3 and that's when we will have any updates on the commencement of construction of the said flyover.

Court has roped in IMC and other administrators to arrive at a decision

Diversion of up to 700 vehicles per day to a BRTS lane will be important to ensure that the construction work does not make commuting difficult for the city folks. Indore Development Authority had filed an appeal in court to seek permission for the same but the court refused to give it a nod in the hearing on Thursday.

As a result, the work on the Bhanwarkuan flyover has been put on hold until the next hearing on IDA's appeal scheduled for April 3, for which the court has also invited Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC) and other administrative bodies for suggestions.

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