Indore's night time gastronomic jewel, Sarafa Bazar, calls you for a binge worthy treat!

Indore's night time gastronomic jewel, Sarafa Bazar, calls you for a binge worthy treat!

We bring you the most delish 5 food items to try from the bustling lanes of Sarafa Bazar in Indore.

Attention peeps! Get ready to go on a gastronomic journey with us in the lanes of Sarafa Bazar, Indore. Today, we bring you the 5 most mouth watering food items, so that when you are next in Sarafa Bazar, you ought to try each one of these. Not that you haven't already, but old habits die hard don't they? Lesssgoo!


As soon as we say Shikanji, what instantly comes to mind is a sweet-sour lemonade, right? But, hold on, THIS shikanji here is made of a mix of milk, dried fruits, and buttermilk, so it's got a bit of tanginess mixed in with the sweetness. You can't go to Sarafa without trying this one, so it's definitely worth a try!

PS: Visit early, or else you'll miss out on this one.

Where: Nagauri Shikanji

Timing: 9:30 am- 7:30 pm

Dahi Wada

Ever wondered about flying dahi vadas? Yes, you've heard us right! Joshi ji deftly swirls the dahi vada with the curd, demonstrating remarkable skill. As he stirs the curd into the bowl, he carefully adds five spices with only one finger, making sure that the spices remain distinct without mingling. So, the next time you see him, ask him for his magic trick and he'll happily show it to you!

Where- 24, Bada Sarafa, Sarafa Bazar, Indore.

Timing- 11:00 am-11:00 pm

Sabudana Khichdi

A common food during fasts, Sabudana Khichdi has upped it's game in the lanes of Indore. Though it's easily available at every nook and corner of the Sarafa Bazar, yet Sawariya Seth serves it the best with it's famous punchline, “Upwas mein best….sanwariya ka test".

Where: Sri Sawariya Seth Khichdi, Near Jain Mandir, Sarafa Bazaar

Timing: 2:00 pm- 1:00 am


Your excitement will be indescribable as you watch a 250-gram jalebi simmering in the rich gravy of pure Desi Ghee on the tawa. This jalebi is commonly called jaleba by the sellers, and it's an eye catcher for sure. The piping hot Jaleba is a must-try when dining out at Sarafa. Make sure to order 100 grams of Jaleba in one go.

Where: Jai Bhole Jalebi Bhandar, Chhota Sarafa Corner.

Timing: 9:00 pm- 12:00 am

Baraf Gola

Bring out the child in you with these Orange, Kala Khatta, Khas, Pilawalla, Red Rose baraf golas. Look for Jain sahab's push-kart stating, “Khaya tha bachpan mein yaad aaya 55 me”. Mr. Jain prepares each flavour at his own place and then adds his own spices. He claims that this unique spice mixture stops doesn't let you catch any cough or cold.

When here, don't forget to have their Rabri Gola.

Address: Sarafa, Thana Choraha, Sadar Bazar.

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