Indore’s  super corridor to get a super extension
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Indore’s super corridor to get a super extension

Rishabh Pachory

Rishabh Pachory

Of late, Indore has seen some major developments in the infrastructural field. The city is quickly emerging as a great place for businesses and companies to set up shop here due to the fast paced growth. Now, in line with these developments, Indore will be getting an all new extension on the super-corridor and clear out intra city routes.

What’s the update?

A new super-corridor extension between Indore and Pithampur is being constructed so as to divert vehicles on this route from the roads in the city. A total of ten carriage ways will be constructed as part of the super corridor extension and the first phase has a December deadline.

The first phase of the route, will be 2-kilometers in length and will have a width of 75 meters. The upcoming route will decrease the congestion on the roads near Bijasan Mata Mandir, which is a choke point where traffic jams usually start from. Construction of the work will begin after the elections are conducted.

Indore’s  super corridor to get a super extension

Whom will it benefit?

The RW2 route will benefit residents of areas near the Mandir and will enable people to commute faster and without hassles. The route will also decongest intra city routes from Pithampur, which are often regarded as some of the most crowded streets in the city. Commuters from Pithampur can now entirely bypass the roads in the city and make use of the super corridor.

Why the need?

Currently, the routes are rather crowded and result in people getting late for school, work or office. With the help of the new RW2 roads matters will be made easy and convenient. It will also help streamline the entire traffic issue in the city, making for safer and seamless commutes.

The cost for construction of the RW2 route is abou 30 crores and the government has outsourced it to private players. As of now, construction has not begun and should be complete after the elections.