Indore’s week-long Gaurav Diwas to honour the birth anniversary of Devi Ahilya Bai Holkar
Amit Nimade

Indore’s week-long Gaurav Diwas to honour the birth anniversary of Devi Ahilya Bai Holkar

Theme based events to start on May 25 & conclude on May 31

Indore prepares to celebrate Gaurav Diwas towards the end of this month. The seven days long celebrations will commence on May 25. Each day of the week long festival will be marked with different theme-based events. From ensuring sustainable environemnet to addressing societal interruptions, the festival is all set to make people aware. Apart from the events, Indore’s history will also be shared with the youth. The festival will be celebrated in line with Diwali, for which people have been asked to light diyas throughout the city.

Celebration itinerary prepared

In a meeting, officials and public representatives have come up with a list of events for Gaurav Day celebrations. It has also been decided that an ‘Indore Gaan’ or anthem will also be prepared on this occasion. In addition to that, a documentary highlighting the history of Indore will also be premiered. The main event of the celebrations will be held on May 31 at Rajwada because of its historical significance.

The themes of the programmes for each day are listed below -

  • May 25 - Water Conservation

  • May 26 - Sports Activities

  • May 27 - Women Empowerment

  • May 28 - Art and Literature Programmes

  • May 29 - Commercial and Industrial Empowerment

  • May 30 - Startup and IIT Day

  • May 31 - Final event, to be addressed by the CM

The theme for each day has been decided with an aim to spread the awareness about social and environmental issues. On day 1, installation of rainwater harvesting systems will be encouraged and officials will ensure that each ward is equipped with such systems. On day 2, local and traditional sports will be promoted in the presence of national sportspersons.

On day 3, women who have set examples through their excellent work will be rewarded. On day 4, local artists and literary gems will be able to showcase their works. On day 5, seminars on commercial and industrial development will be held. Commercial buildings will also be decorated throughout the city. Day 6 will entail the promotion of startups. University students will be given a chance to interact with successful startup owners in the city.

Gaurav Diwas to be celebrated in the honour of Devi Ahilya Bai Holkar

Earlier, each town, village and city in the state received instructions to decide upon a day to celebrate their Gaurav Diwas. Considering the humble queen’s notable contributions to society, officials from Indore have agreed upon Devi Ahilyabai Holkar’s birthday to be Indore’s Gaurav Diwas.

Honouring the icon, a procession will be carried out across the city on May 31. The procession will eventually reach the final event at Rajwada, where a skit on her life will be played. An exhibition will also be organised that will include replicas of architecture and temples that the queen established across the country.

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