Indori Kulhad Chai Gets a Flavour Makeover!

Indori Kulhad Chai Gets a Flavour Makeover!

We can already smell the ‘saundhi khushboo’ of the kulhad!

Prerona Lisah Mukherjee

As Indians, our fuel to run smoothly throughout the day majorly depends on the first sip we take of our beloved chai!

We the chaiholics, know that a steaming hot cup of tea can fix just about everything- from a sore throat to a broken heart! Chai is not just a beverage for us- it is an emotion!

Indori Kulhad Chai Gets a Flavour Makeover!

Reinventing and reforming has always been a part of the tea-culture in India and Indore as a city, has vividly outdone itself! As an Indorean, a plate of poha-jalebi is absolutely incomplete without a cup of ginger tea and the chaiwallahs here have taken the chai game up a notch!

Combinations like paan chai, rose chai, chocolate chai and Irani chai have famously emerged in the night markets of Sarafa to the localities in Vijaynagar, making this winter a warm one! Youngsters are frolicking these kiosks for their daily rendezvous with their beloved - tea and kulhads are the ultimate messengers for them!

Indori Kulhad Chai Gets a Flavour Makeover!

The chai servers have introduced new flavours which are hitting the spot for the youth and it has been observed that Indore as a city is open to experiments for sure!

The earthy aroma and taste of a kulhad, mixed with a strongly brewed flavoured tea is now a raging trend amidst the Indorean crowd and at night, we now just know where to find solace.